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AX7 Create Job

AX7 / D365: Where are my Jobs?

I get that question very often. People coming from AX 2012 often ask me that question. My answer is always the same, they are still there (as they are still a part of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations) and they are basically the same as before. The only thing that is new is how to run them,...

Get User, Company and System Language in AX2012

Get User, Company and System Language via X++ in AX 2012

In this quick post I want to show you how to get the actual user language, the language of the current company and the system language in AX 2012 via X++. Languages in AX 2012 To get the actual company language you can call the static method languageId from the CompanyInfo┬átable, which will return a LanguageId. (CompanyInfo::languageId –...