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Import PuTTY Keyfile

Create an OpenSSH pem Keyfile from a PuTTY ppk file

A few weeks ago I showed how to logon to a Linux Azure VM via PuTTY with a keyfile. Today I want to show how one can create an OpenSSH pem keyfile from a PuTTY ppk file, to use the key with ssh. What we need: PuTTY Key Generator a ppk keyfile Import your ppk keyfile First we need to...

Azure SSH Save Key

Generate and use a SSH Key with PuTTY and an Azure Linux VM

Generating a SSH key and use the result to log in to your Azure Linux VM is not that hard to accomplish. In the following article I want to go over the steps. Get PuTTYgen to generate your SSH key First we need to download another “PuTTY” tool called PuTTY Key Generator. Just download the PuTTYgen executable and start...