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MacOS get Java JRE Checksum

macOS: Verify Java JRE Download via SHA256 Checksum

In this short post I want to show how you can verify your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) download, or any other for which checksums are provided, via your Macs terminal. Download Java First of all you have to download the Java JRE, which can be found directly at Oracle’s website.┬áHere an example on how it looked like when...

Xamarin iOS Visual Studio Mac Simulator

Get Xamarin iOS up and running with VS 2015 and a Mac

Today I want to demonstrate how to setup Xamarin iOS in Visual Studio with the use of your Mac as a simulator for your iOS apps. First of all I assume that you already installaled Xamarin for Visual Studio, if not, please follow this documentation on MSDN. If you first create a new Xamarin iOS project, a message...