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AX2012 WHS MDP Delet User Session

Delete WHS Mobile Device Portal User Session in AX2012

To test the “new” WHS Mobile Device Portal in AX 2012 R3, one can use the WHSWorkExecute form (a nifty WMDP emulator). But while creating a new form inside the WMDP, I managed it to get stuck in a blank form, with no way out. On top it seems like the actual session is saved in the WHSWorkUserSession table and even after logoff / logon...

AX2012 Dialog Custom Lookup Open

AX2012 Custom Lookup on a Dialog

Today I struggled with a custom lookup on a dialog in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. To prevent this from happening to me again, and maybe to help you out too, I will share the solution with you here. The following code will utilize a class which extends the AX2012 RunBase class, with a simple dialog and a custom lookup on...