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AX2012 Dialog Custom Lookup Open

AX2012 Custom Lookup on a Dialog

Today I struggled with a custom lookup on a dialog in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. To prevent this from happening to me again, and maybe to help you out too, I will share the solution with you here. The following code will utilize a class which extends the AX2012 RunBase class, with a simple dialog and a custom lookup on...

Xamarim Microsoft Band Android App

First steps with Xamarin and the Microsoft Band SDK

Last Saturday my Microsoft Band 2 was finally delievered to me, I preordered it at Amazon.co.uk on the time it was presented in NY. Till today I do not see a way to get in Austria on another way, very unfortunate – it’s a really nice piece of tech. Normally one would think the first think to do with...

Find licences used in Node.Js

Find licenses used in a Node.js project

At some point of writing code and installing a various number of packages per npm, I was curious about how to find all the licenses used . So I searched for an easy way to get a list of all my installed packages, along with the licenses used. Node License Finder After a short research I found a...