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AX7 Extension Form Initialized Copy Handler

AX7 / D365 Extensions: Extend the Init Method on a Form

Today’s plan? I would like to extend the init() method of a D365fO form. The goal is to get the selected line from the caller after the newly opened form is initialized. Form Init Method Extension Like said before, I would like to get the callers record when opening a new form. In this example I will retrieve...

D365 Class Extension IntelliSense

AX7 / D365 Extensions: Add a Method to a Class

Today I want to start a small series of blog posts. In this series I would like to show you how to extend AX 7 / D365 objects, without overlayering them, starting with an easy class extension. Class extension 1.0 For this demo I created an extreme simple class, it only contains one method, which just puts out...

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Setup

Azure MySQL as a Service is in Preview

On today’s Micrsoft Build conference, the Azure team revealed and released a new feature to the Azure Preview Portal. Now, Azure provides managed MySQL databases. Where can I find the new feature? To test the new MySQL service right now, just hit the Preview Portal, by adding the “preview” subdomain in front of the “normal” portal url. Then type...