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AX7 Replace a Model

Replace a Model in AX7 / D365

Like stated in the official Im- / Export Model “Docs” article from Microsoft, we can use the ModelUtil.exe to im- / export and delete models in AX 7. But if you take a detailed look at it, you will see it provides you with another option – replace. If you look at my try to get help on the...

AX7 Extension Form Initialized Copy Handler

AX7 / D365 Extensions: Extend the Init Method on a Form

Today’s plan? I would like to extend the init() method of a D365fO form. The goal is to get the selected line from the caller after the newly opened form is initialized. Form Init Method Extension Like said before, I would like to get the callers record when opening a new form. In this example I will retrieve...

D365 Class Extension IntelliSense

AX7 / D365 Extensions: Add a Method to a Class

Today I want to start a small series of blog posts. In this series I would like to show you how to extend AX 7 / D365 objects, without overlayering them, starting with an easy class extension. Class extension 1.0 For this demo I created an extreme simple class, it only contains one method, which just puts out...