macOS: Verify Java JRE Download via SHA256 Checksum

In this short post I want to show how you can verify your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) download, or any other for which checksums are provided, via your Macs terminal.

Download Java

First of all you have to download the Java JRE, which can be found directly at Oracle’s website.┬áHere an example on how it looked like when I downloaded it.

MacOS Download Java JRE

After hitting “DOWNLOAD” you will be forwarded to a site with a list of all available files for the different operation systems out there. Right above this list is a link that will open up the page with the checksums.

MacOS get Java JRE Checksum

First you want to download the file, next you open the page with the checksums and make note of the corresponding checksum. Here I marked the relevant ones for macOS.

MacOS Java JRE get SHA256 / MD5 value

Checksum by Code

This example shows the command we will use next.

// Command
openssl dgst -<digest> <file>
// Example
openssl dgst -sha256 jre-8u231-macosx-x64.dmg
// Output
SHA256(jre-8u231-macosx-x64.dmg)= 6bf818fe04866da07e6272b5ccfabff9e773713026d2fae714971e73568bfe4d

Open a terminal (cmd + space and type Terminal, select Terminal and hit Enter) and cd to the folder where you saved the Java Runtime Environment. Copy & paste the command and replace the “<file>” placeholder with the filename.

Now you can compare the output with the checksum from above and at least you will know that your download matches the information on the website, not 100% safe, but better than nothing.

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