Eve Thermo replacing an Oventrop UniLA Thermostat

This week I installed an Eve Thermo 2 in our home, the Eve Thermo integrates perfectly into my home automation setup and Apple’s Homekit. While installing I came across a problem when I tried to replace the original thermostat, an Oventrop UniLA. I learned that this thermostat has a M28x1.5 connector, while the Eve Thermo 2 comes with a M30x1.5 sized connector. I would like to show you how I changed it, in spite of my two left hands…

TLDR: Go and buy a M28x1.5 to M30x1.5 adapter.

Remove the Oventrop UniLA

This was easier than I thought, just set the old thermostat to the maximum (5), use a plier to make it loose and remove it by hand.

Oventrop UniLA 28x1,5 Thermostat

M28x1,5 to 30×1,5 Adapter

I bought one at a local home improvement store. I decided to go with the one made from metal and not one of the plastic ones, just because it seemed a little bit more robust to me.

Oventrop UniLA 28x1,5 to 30x1,5 Adapter

Apply the adapter to the radiator and then just follow the instructions given in the Eve app, which is also a great application to create advanced automation rules in Homekit as well, even if you don’t have Eve products at all.