AX7 / D365: Add Message Details to your Infolog

In this post you’ll see how you can add structure to your Infolog. In AX7 / D365fO you can still invoke the setPrefix method to add prefixes to your message that you present to your users. If you have more than one message for a prefix, AX will display a new clickable link in your message, which will open a new pane with details.

Adding the “Message Details”

class ShowInfoLogWithDetails
public static void main(Args _args)
warning("Wish all Merry Christmas!");
info("Merry Christmas!");
view raw ax_infolog hosted with ❤ by GitHub

As you can see the code is very straightforward, the first prefix will add the first parent and will show on the message that the user will see in the application, it will also show in bold in the details page.
The second prefix will group the rest of the messages below the prefix “Christmas”.

Next a warning and an info will be shown as we would expected it from the infolog.

Let’s run the code

The runable class from above was set as a startup object in Visual Studio:

AX7 add Infolog with Message Details

Now you can see the “Message details” link on the right. If you hit it, a new pane will slide in from the right and show you the following details:

Details from Infolog in AX7 with parents


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