AX7 / D365: Tired of Reattaching your Debugger?

I don’t know how you debug in AX7 / D365, but I like to have a browser with the application open and just attach the debugger to the W3WP.exe. I found that very time saving, but one thing bugs me all the time and this is the whole process that follows, like always reattach it via “Debug” , then sort the list of processes, find the W3WP and so on.

What if there was a tool that solves this problem? Surprise, surprise – one actually exists and it is very easy to integrate into Visual Studio.

InstallĀ Visual Studio Extension: ReAttach

What I like to do to save time is to install an Extension called “ReAttach” from Erland R. It provides a button on the top bar in Visual Studio, that lets you reattach the debugger to the last process on one button press.

To install this extension, hit “Tools” on the top and select “Extensions and Updates…“.

AX7 Visual Studio Add Extension

The “Extension and Updates” window will pop up. Select “Online” from the left, then select “Visual Studio Gallery” and type “ReAttach” into the search bar on the top right. Your window should look like the screenshot below, then click “Download”.

AX7 Visual Studio Add Extension Reattach

Next select “Install” and after the extension is installed, hit “Restart now“.

After Visual Studio is back up, you will not see the purple button until “ReAttach” recognises a process that was debugged before, so you might have to start a debugging session first.

AX7 Visual Studio Add Extension Reattach W3WP

To start debugging the W3WP service again (or any other process), just hit the purple button or “Ctrl + R, Ctrl +1“.

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