AX7 / D365: No symbols have been loaded for this document

From time to time I run into the issue that, while debugging D365 for Finance and Operations, my breakpoints will not be hit. In Visual Studio it isn’t marked as a solid red dot, instead it is just a red circle, telling me that no symbols have been loaded.

If you hover over it, Visual Studio will show the following message:

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

AX7 Debug No Symbols Loaded

If you actually debug the code, with your breakpoint in the above state, I will simply never been hit.

How to load the symbols for your documents

In Visual Studio navigate to the menu bar on top and select “Dynamics 365”, from there open “Options…”.

AX7 Debug Settings Open

In the options window select the “Debugging” node and make sure the “Load symbols only for items in the solution” is unchecked.

AX7 Debug Settings Load Symbols Solution

With the box checked, as shown above, only symbols for documents in your solution will be loaded.

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