AX7 / D365: Database Sync Error “Failed to create a session;”

Ever ran into the following error while sync your AX7 / D365 Database?

Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.ErrorException: Failed to create a session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

In Visual Studio it will look like this:

AX7 D365 DB Sync Error: Failed to create a session

What is the cause for the “Failed to create a session” issue?

In my experience the most common error is that the user who invokes the so called “Database Synchronizer” is disabled. Often this error goes along with a database restore, especially when the database is taken from an environment where all users were disabled before exporting the database.

If your platform update is different from the source environment of the database you import, you should also take a look into Microsoft docs, in the “Known issues” section.


First open your AX app in a browser, take a look at the following form and find the user that is associated with the “Database Synchronizer” (look for the column “AOS Instance Name”).


Take note of that user and go on to the following form:


Find the given user and make sure the account is enabled, most often the user should be called “Admin”, especially in your development environments.

After you enabled the user, the snyc job should run through again.

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