AX7 / D365: Exploring URL Parameters

As AX7 / D365 for Operations and Finance is browser based, it reveals certain URL patterns. Today I want to show you a few of them, I use them on a daily basis.

The following examples show calls which you just have to copy and paste, replace the [ ] placeholders with your values (e.g. your company) in your address bar and hit enter to run them.

Calling a Display – MenuItem directly via the “mi” Parameter

With the “mi” parameter you can call a (Display) MenuItem directly. The example shows how to call the “SalesTableListPage” directly.

Call: ?cmp=[Company]&mi=[MenuItemName]

Example: MenuItemName -> SalesTableListPage

AX7 URL MenuItem

Open a Form via an URL Parameter

If you want to call a Form directly, use the parameter “f”.

Call: ?cmp=[Company]&f=[FormName]

Example: MenuItemName -> ProdParameters

AX7 URL Form

See your Data in the Built-In Table Browser

The very convenient built-in table browser can be called from the address bar as well. Just use the “mi” parameter from above and add the parameter “tablename”, afterwards add the name of the table you want to see.

Call: ?cmp=[Company]&mi=SysTableBrowser&tablename=[TableName]

Example: TableName -> SalesTable

AX7 URL Tablebrowser

Run a Class directly from your Browser

You can also call a runnable class. To do so, add the “SysClassRunner” menu item and the parameter “cls” with the class you want to call.

Call: ?cmp=[Company]&mi=SysClassRunner&cls=[SysClassRunnerExample]

class SysClassRunnerExample
/// <summary>
/// Runs the class with the specified arguments.
/// </summary>
/// <param name = "_args">The specified arguments.</param>
public static void main(Args _args)
info("From Classrunner!");

AX7 URL Classrunner

Change the language on the fly

Changing the language is also an option that we can change from the address bar, just add the parameter “lng” and pass the language you want to change AX to.

Call: ?cmp=[Company]&lng=[en-us]

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