LCS: Stuck on Step 3 “Stop script for service model: AOSService on machine:”

While installing a new application package via LCS, I faced an issue where the process was stuck on step 3 (like shown in the screenshot below). No error or failure status was provided and the log was not populated, either.AX7 LCS Stuck Step 3 Stop Script for Service Model

What happened on step 3?

When I took a look into the runbook, the process wanted to stop the AOS services on a given machine.

On an one-box, the following services should be present:

  • World wide web publishing service
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Batch Management Service
  • Management Reporter 2012 Process Service

So it seemed like the deployment process had problems with stopping one or more of the services above.

Possible solutions:

Remote to the VM and make sure that there is no Powershell window, or a Powershell ISE, open. Also check whether Visual Studio is running and if so, close it.

It also seems like the Batch service will not always shutdown without error – you could try to kill it manually and restart the deployment.


  • Any Powershell / ISE open?
  • Any VS open?
  • Can the deployment process stop the Batch service?

Hope that will help you. All infos provided without liability – try at your own risk.

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