Azure MySQL as a Service is in Preview

On today’s Micrsoft Build conference, the Azure team revealed and released a new feature to the Azure Preview Portal. Now, Azure provides managed MySQL databases.

Where can I find the new feature?

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Portal

To test the new MySQL service right now, just hit the Preview Portal, by adding the “preview” subdomain in front of the “normal” portal url.

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Search

Then type MySQL in the search bar at the top of the page and hit enter.

Create a new MySQL database service

To create a new MySQL database service just click on the “Create Azure Database for MySQL” button, fill in the mandatory fields and click create.
Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Setup


As time of writing this post, there is only the “Basic” tier available. In the smallest setup, it will cost 15 € per month, for 50 compute units and 50 GB of storage.

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Pricing

On the pricing page you can see the prices for the Standard tier as well.

Create and manage databases

From this point you can manage your database service via the MySQL Workbench or via the command line.

But first you have to allow connections to your new service, hit “Connection security” on the Azure Portal and then click on “Add My IP”. This will automatically create the Firewall rules for your actual connection.

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Security

The MySQL Workbench is very self explaining, so just jump in and use the command line to connect to our new database server. For this I made use of the Windows 10 Linux Bash and I entered the following code, just replace the server address and the username of your admin.

# install mysql client
sudo apt install mysql-client-core-5.7
mysql -h -u mysqlserveradmin@ztiromsql -p
#create db
create database ztirom;
view raw mysql hosted with ❤ by GitHub

This will first install the MySQL client, next it connects to the server and then creates a new database.

That will bring up our fist MySQL database on Azure.

Azure MySQL as a Service Preview Database in Portal

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