Create an OpenSSH pem Keyfile from a PuTTY ppk file

A few weeks ago I showed how to logon to a Linux Azure VM via PuTTY with a keyfile. Today I want to show how one can create an OpenSSH pem keyfile from a PuTTY ppk file, to use the key with ssh.

What we need:

Import your ppk keyfile

First we need to import the ppk keyfile. Just download and open the PuTTY Key Generator and hit “Conversions -> Import  key“. Select your ppk keyfile and hit open.

Import PuTTY Keyfile

Export the key to a pem keyfile

Next hit “Conversions” again, but this time select “Export OpenSSH key“. Save the file as “yourname.pem“.

Export OpenSSH Key

To use the keyfile you need to reference the keyfile in the ssh command, like in the screenshot below.

Use your OpenSSH Keyfile

Thats it!

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